Pet Policy



No weight restriction

No arbitrary limits

No massive charges – $15 per stay for one pet, $25 per stay for two

We love and adore animals at the Creole Gardens Bed and Breakfast! We want you to be able to bring all your four legged family members! Unlike most “pet friendly” hotels or bed and breakfasts, we don’t have a mandatory restriction on how many fur babies you can bring or how much they can weigh(large and overweight critters like to go fun places too!)

Simply let us know at the time of your booking that you’re bringing your fur family and who they are. All well behaved animals, who won’t disturb the other guests, are welcome! We have no mandatory restrictions. (obviously, if you want to bring 10 Irish Wolfhounds, we may have to suggest you take more than one room!). Should your pet leave a mess, tear something up on the property, or leave us a little deposit on the rug, we will only charge you for any additional cleaning or fixing needed to be done after your stay. Since you’re responsible pet guardians, we’re sure you’ll try not to let that happen anyway.

And please don’t leave your pets alone in a strange hotel room if you think they’re going to have separation anxiety -or disturb other guests with barking while away from their humans!….it’s not fair to your pet or the other guests.


BONUS: Dog Park
There’s a wonderful pet friendly park right around the corner from us. Well behaved dogs are allowed off the leash and there are “pooper scooper” bags for your use. Walk your canine pal over to Coliseum Square Park, just one block away and enjoy the fresh air, a large fountain, live oak trees and lots of fun folks and pooches. It’s 3 blocks long and 1 block wide and surrounded by a wonderful assortment of 1880’s era rambling mansions. Meet the locals (writers, politicians, movie stars, artists) and give your pooch some good exercise.


The world famous New Orleans levee is just a 10 minute drive uptown (south, near Tulane University) from us. And by “world famous” we mean famous amongst dogs in the know, because every savvy New Orleans pooch knows that the levee, at the end of Magazine Street, is simply the best place to run, sniff, play, romp and even swim in the Mississippi River! Park your Chevy by the Levee and enjoy acres and acres of grass along the Mississippi River and even a little pebble beach. We like to say it’s the happiest place in New Orleans. And if you head over there on weekends and during “happy hour” times, it’s a great way to meet the locals and Tulane and Loyola students and faculty members.

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