The property where the The Louie's Roadhouse Hall is located (as well as the sister property, right next door, the lovely Creole Gardens Bed & Breakfast Hotel at 1415 Prytania St.) was once owned by Benjamin Morgan Palmer who was a clergyman born in Charleston,South Carolina. He was educated at Amhearst,the University of Georgia, and the Columbia Theological Seminary. After pastoring a church in South Carolina and teaching at Columbia Seminary, Palmer came to New Orleans in 1856 to pastor the First Presbyterian Church.

He was a proponent of slavery and secession, spending the Civil War preaching to Confederate troops. Palmer was an eloquent and influential speaker whose speech against the Louisiana Lottery is said to have doomed the project. He was also a leader in the reorganization of the Presbyterian Church. Palmer died in New Orleans in May 1902.

The property has belonged to the present owners for nearly 10 years now and they've loved bringing it up to date whilst preserving all the many historical aspects.

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